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CD Gloryland, 2020, signed by the band:


“The music on Gloryland draws deeply from the melting pot of styles that characterize American music, with its musical center located somewhere in the vicinity of New Orleans, close to a revival tent and not too far from a medicine show.“


“From the uptown jump of “Watch Whatcha Doin'“ to the honky-tonk of “Bad Advice“ and the soulful heart-break of “Off My Mind“ - this CD draws from a wide magnolia-laced palette that remains true to the spirit of its sources while still being creatively fresh to the ears.“

Big Mama Gloryland Sauce:

As Gospel is music associated with things up in heaven and the Blues is focused on our life down here on earth, the Plan Bs' music is trying to reconcile our aspirations for the higher things with our worldly desires. The same holds true for the soon to be legendary Gloryland-Sauce, named after the band's brand new album: Heavenly delicate, while tempting and downright irresistible, there's a reason why people everywhere are both singing hymns and freaking out about it.


And just as the Plan Bs love to combine a Cuban Rumba with a Tex-Mex accordion and a New Orleans bass line in just one song, the Gloryland Sauce blends Caribbean flavors with Cajun-Cuisine and Mexican temper. Ginger extract, coriander, chipotle and a pinch of cocoa are the star ingredients in this crowd-pleasing, smooth and savory symphony of aromas. Made fresh in small batches in Vienna, it takes full effect on spareribs, pulled pork sandwiches, but also makes a mean dipping sauce for your french fries. Or in Douglas' words: 'Finger lickin' good and not hotter than it oughta B!

Douglas Linton & The Plan Bs official Band T-Shirt:

Here comes Douglas Linton & The Plan Bs' iconic band logo printed on a luxuriously soft combed, lightweight, 100% organic cotton Tee! Great vintage fit and feel and the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe! 


Fair Wear Foundation


GOTS-Standard, 180g/M2, navy blue

  • women: S, M, L, XL
  • men: M, L, XL, XXL

Douglas Linton & The Plan Bs Baby Romper Suit:

You're never too young to love the Plan Bs (even if you once may have been your parent's Plan A). This exclusive romper suit combines superb wearing comfort with the ultimate joy of representing your favorite band in front of your coolest nursery friends.


Fair Wear Foundation






Douglas Linton & The Plan Bs Shopping Bag:


The perfect companion for shopping, sightseeing or simply for letting the world know about your superb musical preferences.

With double stitched seams for extra-durability, it folds easily to fit in tight spaces while it's strong handles allow you to carry it either over the shoulder or as a tote.

Sure to delight your most environmentally and musically conscious  friends, this lightweight little helper makes a fantastic gift, and as we've been told, it's perfectly sized to comprise our CD, the Gloryland Sauce, a Band-T-Shirt and a signed Plan B's-poster, so please drop us a line if you want the whole package.


  • 100% certified organic raw cotton
  • Vinyl friendly size, 38 cm x 42 cm, long handles
  • machine washable

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