Go on a musical journey with The Plan Bs!

'A twilight journey deep into the heart of American music, with plenty of roadside attractions along the way.' 


'The music draws from a wide magnolia-laced palette that remains true to the spirit of its sources while still being creatively fresh to the ears.'  


'The album's eclectic and engaging songs point to the emergence of an original creative voice with the promise of more to come.'


'Overall, the songs feel like souvenirs brought back by the old blues and ballad hunters when they set off to discover the range and wonder of American music.'

Gotta Serve Somebody

(Bob Dylan) Official band video

Off My Mind

(Douglas Linton) Official band video

Train To Jordan

(Douglas Linton) Official band video

Watch Whatcha Doin'

(Douglas Linton/Alex Gantz) Soundgruam Festival 2019

Dixie Chicken

(Lowell George/Fred Martin) DiscovrTV 2019

12 Gates to the City/Iko Iko

(Trad.)/(Crawford/Hawkins) ORF-morning show

Douglas Linton & The Plan Bs TV-feature

WNTV-City Sounds

'Who are Douglas Linton & The Plan Bs?'

Historical documentary by Sergei Eisenstein (attributed)

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