Go on musical journey with The PlanBs!

"Gotta Serve Somebody" (Bob Dylan) – official band video:

"Off My Mind" (Douglas Linton) – official band video:

"Train To Jordan" (Douglas Linton) – official band video:

"Watch Whatcha Doin'" (Douglas Linton/Alex Gantz) – Soundgruam festival 2019:

"12 Gates To The City" (Trad.),  "Iko Iko'" (Crawford/Hawkins/Johnson) ORF-morning show

Douglas Linton & The PlanBs TV-feature - WNTV-City Sounds:

"Somebody Was Watching" (Brenda Burns) – recorded at 2016 PlanBs Christmas Extravaganza:

"The Ballad of Whitey Bulger’s Last Victim" (Douglas Linton) – recorded at 2016 Plan Bs Christmas Extravaganza:

"Who are Douglas Linton & The Plan Bs?" – Historical documentary by Sergei Eisenstein (attributed):